Are your production services being monitored ? 

Is there enough visibility to your on-prem/cloud infrastructures?

How can monitoring and measurement add value ?

Monitoring is what we do. We’ve created reliable enterprise monitoring for enterprises just like yours. We specialize in open-source but also integrate proprietary solutions. 
DevOps values/principles are a big part of our focus. In delivering monitoring solutions, we leverage automation, infrastructure-as- code, cloud-native designs and architectural best practices. At its core, monitoring is the ultimate feedback mechanism and it should be continually improved. We’ve helped businesses automate, transition to cloud technologies, and delete technical debt. 
Connect Michael Colletti, our principle consultant, has decades of enterprise monitoring experience. He’s been helping businesses improve their infrastructures and operations since 2000. Integration or replacement of proprietary/Legacy systems with OSS monitoring toolchains yields a more serviceable, resilient, and safe solution. Monitoring and operational excellence is the touchstone of the SRE hierarchy and practice. Contact us and start a conversation to start a journey helping your organization create possibilities in your monitoring transformation.