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We offer 1-3 week onsite engagements.

Contact us for remote support and fast track service engagement.

Briefly explore the possibilities of what cloud solutions can do for your business. AWS certified cloud solution architects guide a walk through of how AWS can increase productivity, agility and save IT costs. Leverage the benefits of cloud native computing.

Certified AWS solution architects can help your business make the transformation needed to stay competitive.

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Docker and Kubernetes 

Application Containerization Planning

We take a home-grown or COTS application(s) and containerize it for you while upskilling your staff to own it and be able to be self sufficient.

DevOps Culture Coaching

Let us help you navigate the world of DevOps culture and tools that increase flow. There are some effective OSS tools and ways that we all can improve using this approach. 

Database Services

DBA services for your application. We specialize in MariaDB and DB2 LUW but support other relational databases like Oracle and MS SQL Server.


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Cloud SysAdmin 

Linux (all flavors)

Linux admin support, scripting and automation can enhance team capabilities for the short or for the long term. Weekly and monthly contracts are available for remote and on-site work. 

AIX (certified):

Certified AIX admins can help solve things like performance issues in your production environments.



Architecture technical review, automation, scripting/coding, Operations and Monitoring.

Automation, Cloud/System Administration, Operations, Monitoring (Zabbix, Prometheus) 

Open Source Integration

Replace proprietary solutions with Open Source alternatives. 


Setup a slot for your team 


Hardening, Pen-tests and Training



Do you have an expensive legacy monitoring stack that you are terrified to replace?

Let us help you take your monitoring stack from legacy to awesome. Our team is Zabbix certified and our lead has years of experience doing this at scale. Solutions include but are not limited to: agents on EC2 and CloudWatch metrics, Prometheus and Alertmanager, and Zabbix for your on-prem or cloud infrastructure.