Hermes:  EyesAndEars (on prem) The first steps to creating your organizations’s first monitoring platform. Detailed planning and speedy execution can create  a fully operational infrastructure quickly.
SkyWatch: Platform & Application Monitoring/Alerting (cloud-based) Have your infrastructure monitored from cloud and on-prem platform services. Have the rich metrics and reporting needed at a minimal cost.
LogLover Enterprise and LogLover Xpress (on-prem and/or cloud-based) Operationalize logs and feeding these metrics to provide value, not just consume disk space. The engagement involves standing up log aggregation and reporting tools that provide visibility to key business areas.

Blackbox to Whitebox Monitoring: Delivering Enriched Alert Data (at 2am)

This engagement will create a self sustaining, understandable method to enrich your alert data with key operational information. When there are notifications, they need to be correctly directed. Banish alert fatigue by elliminating noise and regain control and order in complexity. 

Monitor the Monitor: Who will watch the watchers? 

You will, and it will be easy. Here, we look at current deployed monitoring solutions and improve the recognition of error and potential failure.

Culture Check-in: Heuristics for discovering challenges

Methods of improving working life for your organizations technical teams.

Finding Fat Tails: Locating Hidden Risks in an Infrastructure?

Coming soon.


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